What's New in Absolute DDS 6?

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 5/9/2016

Absolute DDS 6 is a major upgrade to our data & device security offering as it delivers unrivalled endpoint data security all from a new, intuitive user interface. As a deeper dive into this release, Todd Wakerley, Senior Vice President of Product Development, gives you a look at all the unique data security capabilities now a part of Absolute DDS 6, including our enhanced reporting and a new and intuitive user interface.

As we've mentioned before, the release of Absolute DDS 6 contains our newest and most exciting feature, Absolute Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD), which helps track sensitive information and where it lives on the endpoint, giving you the information you need to address insider threats or lock down security incidents before they become full-scale data breaches. Unique to Absolute EDD, you can create your own lexicon, defining what information is important for you to track, whether it’s a secret project name or key proprietary data. You can see where your sensitive data is, at any time, on or off the network.

With hundreds of attributes collected from every device across your environment, regardless of user or location, you have complete visibility into your security posture. But the last thing we wanted to do was create a situation of information overload for our clients. Our goal with the new interface was to make it simple for you to access the data you want to see, in a way that’s easy to understand, prioritize and act upon.

Find out more about all the new features in Absolute DDS on our website. 

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