What is the Absolute Web Monitor?

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 6/4/2014

Absolute Web Monitor allows you to secure web access and control user behavior so you can eliminate risk and ensure your network is safe from unauthorized entities. By filtering out unreliable sites and monitoring web communications, corporate compliance and employee productivity is preserved.

Whether it’s phishing or an employee clicking a link in an email, all it takes is a single person to open the door to the corporate network and a potential data breach.

Absolute Web Monitor analyzes TCP/IP traffic passively or inline, performing deep packet inspection and blocking traffic by protocol. It includes a default set of more than 140 signature-based rules that can be customized to suit the needs of your organization. Based on policies that you define, when Absolute Web Monitor detects content that matches a rule the appropriate (and specific) action occurs, including log, block or allow.

Absolute Web Monitor includes malware protection and can control website access by user or group. Absolute Web Monitor contains millions of websites (updated daily) that are grouped into categories. Depending on your Acceptable Use Policies, categories can be monitored or blocked to prevent user access. Filters can also be used to identify and block inappropriate or malicious / phishing sites.

Absolute Web Monitor can provide your organization with protocol management, proactive security, social media controls, reporting, and active directory integration. Learn more about Absolute Web Monitor in this datasheet.

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