What is Mobile IT Service Management? New Video

By: Absolute Team | 6/5/2013

In today's connected world, employees work on the go and from remote locations. With this increase in mobility, customers have come to expect a prompt response regardless if the technician is on the road or in the office; IT can no longer be tied to desktop computers. This is where Mobile IT Service Management (or ITSM) can help.

Absolute Service, an ITSM solution from Absolute Software, aligns IT services with the needs of the business. With Absolute Service, organizations can leverage native applications for iOS, Android and other mobile devices. Technicians can respond to tasks from their mobile devices, view request types, Service Level Agreement stats, and even view the location of the request to ensure prompt service.

Unlike other ITSM tools that are limited to a web interface, Absolute Service provides a rich user experience through natively developed mobile applications, available free in the App Store or Google Play. Customers can use existing asset management solutions such as Absolute Manage to easily deploy these apps to each user's mobile devices.

Learn more about Absolute Service here or view our product demo directly.

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