What Did You Do for Data Privacy Day?

By: Absolute Team | 1/29/2011

January 28th was Data Privacy Day, a day that encouraged everyone - businesses, individuals, governments, teachers, students - to look at how advanced technologies affect our lives and all of the personal information we share online - who is collecting it? What's done with it? Where is it shared? And how can we protect it?

On the 28th, the US was joined by countries all around the world focused on increasing awareness, discussion and understanding of privacy. Best practices were discussed.

Mark Fullbrook, director of UK & Ireland at Cyber Ark, said: “Data Protection Day is a great opportunity to highlight the need for a tightening of data security industry-wide. It is therefore all the more disappointing that the UK is failing to do anything proactive to coincide with the event.

“Given the recent wave of web attacks, lost laptops and lost data, the event would have served as a timely reminder to the British public and business community that it is absolutely essential that we continue to campaign for a strengthening of data protection practices today.

“Raising awareness of the issue is absolutely key, as consumers clearly need a greater understanding of their rights when it comes to data privacy. However, to be truly effective, data protection must be top of mind 24/7. This is where organisations must play their part.”

It was a great day with campaigns you can check out on their Facebook page and their media page.

Did you do anything to asses your personal or corporate privacy issues?

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