Websites Given Security Assessments; Results are Poor

By: Absolute Team | 5/11/2012

Zscaler recently developed a tool, Zulu, to assess the security of websites, giving them a security score from 0 to 100. The score is compiled of content checks (is there malicious code present?), URL checks (are there malicious patterns? Are the URLs on any block lists?) and host checks (IP, DNS and netblock reputation assessment), assigning risk scores and categorizations.

Zscaler assessed 27,000 websites to come up with their first report, though you can also use the Zulu tool to assess your own website. Based upon the data, 81% of sites were qualified as "benign" while 9.5% were "suspicious" and 9.5% were seen as "malicious."

The threat report also assesses how people access the web, particularly in the enterprise setting. Facebook is still the most common web application used in the enterprise, followed by Gmail, YouTube and Twitter. In terms of mobile use, 50% of current mobile browser traffic was from Apple iOS devices. Read more here.

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