Webinar: Remembering the User in your Layered Security Model

By: Geoff Glave | 11/6/2016

Security professionals have been proselytizing the benefits of layered security or defense-in-depth for a long time. The more layers you build in your security model, the more likely it will be that one (or some) of your defenses will detect anomalous or malicious behavior before it does any real significant damage to your network or infrastructure.

Enterprises around the world are constantly being pitched with the latest and greatest tools and technologies which claim to add more layers, more visibility, and a quicker response to cyber threats inside their organizations. But the majority of these technologies only focus on technology… ignoring one critical element in the security equation: the users themselves.

How often can we recall an incident where a user of some sort makes the most simple of mistakes leading to the most catastrophic circumstances? According to a recent study by Intel, 43 percent of data loss is caused by insiders – and over half of that “loss” was intentional, motivated by reasons such as personal financial gain, general unhappiness, or even hacktivism.

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