Watch The Full H*Commerce Series

By: Absolute Team | 9/15/2009

A few months ago we mentioned that McAfee had launched a new web series called H*Commerce: The Business of Hacking You. That web series has now put out all of its 6 episodes, each one involving real people doing normal online activities that result in them being targeted by cyber criminals. The series calls on a number of experts in the field to describe cyber crime, how it happens, and what the outcomes are.

The six topics covered in the series include: the history of HCommerce, email scams & 419 scams that involve money transfers, how the ease of the Internet helps HCommerce, people trying to help stop this scamming and social engineering, the reality of HCommerce and how much is lost by it, information on botnets, protecting your computer and your computer habits, moving forward after being a victim.

You can learn more about each one of these episodes, including additional mini-episodes that bridge out of these main episodes, at

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