Utilities & Energy Companies IT Security Found Wanting

By: Absolute Team | 4/7/2011

Ponemon Institute recently released a report on the "State of IT Security: Study of Utilities & Energy Companies". This report found that critical infrastructure is high risk for cyber attack due to a lack of budget and understanding of IT security vs physical security.

75% of energy organizations admit to suffering a data breach in the last 12 months and 69% believe a breach is likely to occur in the next year. Right now, the data indicates that IT security is behind in many areas and that it is not being given the priority it should have within the organization.Only 29% said they thought their organization "views IT security as equally important to physical security."

According to the survey, there are many areas of concern such as dismissivness of compliance standards, no lines of responsibility, unclear contractor standards and more.

However, as another recent article on "Extreme Cybercrime" shows, computers that control public utility systems are one of the targets of cyberterrorists. Though cyberterrorism is the "worst case" scenario, it's best to be prepared for it!

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