Using Mobility to Transform from IT to ITSM

By: Absolute Team | 11/26/2013

We recently released a Whitepaper on Using Mobility to Transform from IT to ITSM, a brief that gives you information on how how your organization can use ITSM to provide a broader range of services in a consistent and effective manner with increased mobility.

IT Service Management (ITSM) has evolved to a point where it can now drive value across the entire organization, but it does require that IT revisit how users are supported and the types of services delivered.

IT needs to assume a key role in helping align the needs of the business with the services they provide. In order to do this, IT must shift from focusing on IT-specific
efficiencies and instead provide a broader range of services in a consistent and effective manner. ITSM provides IT with the framework to do this, as well as quantifiable metrics upon which they can be measured.

One of the key areas addressed in the whitepaper is mobility and the balance of creating processes and services necessary to support mobility by corporate users, as well as providing the technology, applications and devices so that IT also can gain the efficiencies of mobile work.

Our whitepaper touches on the following areas:

  • The changing demands on IT
  • Minimizing outages with ITSM
  • How to asses ITSM solutions
  • Details on Absolute Service, our ITSM solution

Absolute Serviceprovides you with ITIL certified best practices so you can predict potential points of failure and make real-time decisions for the most efficient and cost-effective outcome. Empowering the IT staff with mobile tools like Absolute Service can increase flexibility and allow for a rapid response to requests without the need to maintain an on-site staff 24x7.

Download the whitepaper here.

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