Using iPad on Mass Transit may make you a target for mugging

By: Absolute Team | 6/16/2011
Mobile devices make workers more productive and – well – mobile. They are also attractive to thieves. See this note from Wired Magazine:
Thieves have certainly developed a fondness for the iPad. In Washington, DC, for instance, cops attribute a recent surge in subway crime to a vogue for snatching iPads, iPods, and smartphones; gadget robberies now account for 76 percent of thefts in the city’s Metro system.

While the dollar value of the devices themselves may be relatively low, the data stored on them, and access privileges to company networks and resources, could be very costly in the wrong hands. To fully protect company data and resources, you need an MDM solution that can:

  1. Locate missing devices to help determine whether they are lost or stolen:
    1. Still at Starbucks? Lock it and send a message with a phone #
    2. Moving quickly down 5th Avenue? Wipe it to protect data
  2. Enforce user-level security. A recent study* showed the two most common passwords on iPhones were 1234 and 0000. Passwords are the first line of defense – you need to be sure those passwords are effective ones.

Seems to me there is a Absolute Manage MDM that can do these things.

* Of course, that study raises some security issues of its own, but that's a topic for another time.


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