US State CISOs Lack Oversight

By: Absolute Team | 10/11/2010

According to the findings of the newly-released Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study, "State Governments at Risk: A Call to Secure Citizen Data and Inspire Public Trust," state government Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are unable to adequately protect government data and the personal information of its constituents. This inadequacy stems from a lack of funding, authority, programs and resources. Outsourcing is contributing to the problem.

"State CISOs and CIOs recognize the threats and realize all government leaders need to be better informed on the risks,” said Doug Robinson, executive director of NASCIO. “It’s clear CISOs have tough jobs without adequate resources. A staggering 88 percent of respondents mention lack of sufficient funding as a major barrier to effectively addressing information security.”

The study looked into, and made recommendations on, several areas including governance, strategy, budget, internal and external threats and security of third party providers.

The report has been sent to the he Department of Homeland Security in order that the Secretary may help oversee these issues.

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