Unprotected Mobile Devices at Risk with Growing Mobile Theft Epidemic

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 4/22/2013

There's a reason that TIME magazine recently ran a story calling cell phone theft an epidemic: with over 113 cell phones lost or stolen every minute in the US and thefts accounting for over $30 billion in 2012 (not including potential losses of personal or breaches of sensitive corporation information), mobile theft has become the next big crime epidemic.

Ireland recently released that nearly 8,000 smartphones were stolen in the first 6 months of 2012 and in London alone there are around 300 mobile phones stolen every day. In London, the statistics have been further broken down to highlight the tube lines with the highest number of mobile phone thefts as well as a demographic breakdown showing that those age 25-30 are most at risk and that women are 3 times more likely to have their phone stolen than men.

Mobile theft is a growing issue that affects businesses. According to research by Juniper, only 5% of global smartphones and tablets have security software installed. Juniper estimates that BYOD smartphones and tablets will reach almost 350 million by 2014, making it clear that security protocols need to be in place to protect corporate data on all devices.

BYOD and mobile devices do not need to be the source of risk or challenge any longer. Solutions such as Absolute Manage and Absolute Computrace can help organizations persistently manage, track and secure their endpoints, decreasing the risk of data loss through features such as asset administration, device security and per user certificate-based authentication. Want to learn more? Read our BYOD Policy Implementation Guide for best practices.

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