Enterprises Seek Unified Device Management

By: Absolute Team | 5/30/2014

When BYOD first hit enterprises, we saw employees wanting to use their personal smartphones for work, and enterprises adapted (for the most part), allowing for access and attempting to reign in on data security and controls. Many enterprises were not willing to keep up with the fast turnover in the mobile industry, so were happy to oblige the shift.

That same shift has trickled down to other devices, with BYOD applying increasingly to tablets and laptops, and also to PCs. The BYOPC shift may seem unusual - after all, it’s not really a “portable” device - but some employees are beginning to request the use of their own devices. A recent Forrester Hardware Survey showed that 20% of small business have implemented, or are implementing, a BYOPC or Mac program.

As Richard Absalom, senior analyst at research firm Ovum notes, “Whatever people choose to buy and use for their personal device, they’ll want to use at work, as well."

While the cost of PC devices and tools may prohibit the widespread adoption of BYOPC, it drives home the point that organizations cannot adopt to the BYO-anything world, and the ongoing Internet of Things (IoT) by thinking compartmentally. With so many device types, it is more important than ever for IT to have the ability to manage and secure all endpoints through a single system. 

"Having one pane of glass to hit everything is a big, big deal for support. The more things we can get shoved into one panel, and then have entitlements based on that panel … that's definitely something important.” - Michael Thompson, IT contractor

We saw this same push to consolidate enterprise apps, which is why we created our Absolute Unified IT initiative, which allows customers to use one console to secure and manage any device, from any form factor, wherever they are. Want to learn more about how Absolute Unified IT works for endpoint management and security? Read more in our datasheet or view the Unified IT video here.

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