UK Survey Suggests UK Data Protection Laws Too Lax

By: Absolute Team | 8/5/2010

A new survey from Sophos indicates that organizations are concerned about the state of data protection legislation in the UK.

"The survey's findings revealed that while almost 40% of businesses were confident they complied with the legislation, more than half were unsure or concerned about whether they were compliant. Sophos would urge all businesses with concerns about the current UK legislation to offer their views to the MoJ. Only with feedback from UK businesses can the MoJ properly assess whether the legislation needs further amendments."

The survey, which was of nearly 1,200 organizations in the UK, discovered that nearly half of respondents felt that existing laws are too lax. Indeed, 87% of respondents felt that organizations should be forced to disclose a data breach. That said, respondents did have concerns about complexity and costs of complying with such legislative improvements.

You can read the rest of the survey here.

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