UK National Security Strategy

By: Absolute Team | 10/29/2010

The UK Government released their National Security Strategy: “A Strong Britain in an Age of Uncertainty” this past week.

The Strategy asseses risks to UK security, naming these 4 areas as most pressing:

  • Acts of terrorism affecting the UK or its interests
  • Hostile attacks upon UK Cyber Space
  • A major accident or natural hazard (e.g. influenza pandemic)
  • An international military crisis between states, drawing in the UK and allies.

The strategy did receive some criticism for being long-winded, but it was obvious that cyber security was becoming a focus of future spending. The government is committing £650m of new investment over four years in a National Cyber Security Programme and is putting together a UK Defence Cyber Operations Group.

You can learn more about the strategy, along with supporting documents, here.

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