Travel Puts Your Personal Data at Risk

By: Absolute Team | 7/18/2014

Absolute Lojack - Protecting the data on your devices.

Earlier this week we shared with you some insights from the Absolute LoJack Summer Travel Survey, which revealed that 1 in 7 users have experienced device loss or theft while travelling. Our survey revealed how commonplace it is to take multiple devices when travelling for business or personal trips, smartphones and laptops being the most prevalent, and how people perceive their own cautiousness when travelling with their devices.

The majority of people consider themselves “cautious” or “very cautious” when traveling with their devices, alone or with family or friends, but our survey further reveals that this perception of caution does not match up with actual preparedness.

The Absolute LoJack Summer Travel Survey reveals some insight into how people are protecting the data on their devices, and the results show room for improvement:

  • Only 47% of respondents always back up their devices to the cloud
  • 24% always print out important information and leave it at home
  • 63% always turn on all password protection options
  • 22% always keep important information with them

As this data indicates, the most common way respondents keep devices and data safe while travelling is enabling password protection, which in itself is only a basic security precaution (SEE: Smartphone Security Made Simple). 59% of our respondents say that the value of their personal data on their device is worth $500 or more, showing that consumers are aware that their data is more valuable than their device. Despite this, not enough is done to protect this data.

Travel-related locations make up a large proportion of our Top Theft Locations, so data taken on trips is at a greater risk for exposure. In the event of device theft, passwords can too easily be hacked, exposing data that could put you at risk for identity theft or fraud, business data breach or expose your contacts to phishing attacks. Identity theft, for example, costs each consumer an average of $1,769. Aside from these obvious costs, there are many hidden costs to having your device stolen that many people are surprised by.

The good news is, you don’t have to incur all of these unexpected costs. With protection such as Absolute LoJack, your data is protected, whether you’re at home or travelling abroad. In the event of theft, we not only protect your data by offering you a way to remotely delete it or lock down your device, we assist in recovering your device.

For more tips on how to protect your data when travelling, follow our travel mobile theft prevention tips

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