Top Security Threats That Make a Data Breach Costly

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 2/16/2016

In the latest edition of our ‘Data Protection Under the Spotlight’ video series, we look at some of the current and emerging security threats across the globe. Jonathan Armstrong, Partner at Cordery and data regulation advisor here at Absolute is joined by Jerry Ferguson, Parter at BakerHostetler, to discuss the current struggles organizations face in securing their data in the face of these ever increasing threats.

  1. Larger Attack Teams - threats from nation states / state-sponsored actors pin an attack team of up to 100,000 up to potentially a corporate defense team of 20
  2. Too Many Points of Vulnerability - Jerry Ferguson discusses the issues of the Target breach, including third-party vendors, training to support technology (accurate logs and reports don’t help if they aren't being read or forwarded appropriately), make a statement when you know all the facts
  3. Lack of preparedness for the breach itself can cause more reputational and financial harm than necessary. Training and rehearsals go a long way to reduce long term costs.

As you can see, no matter what the threat, the advice remains the same: have technology in place, have people trained and ready, and have a procedure that sews them both together.

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