Top IT Customer Satisfaction Tips

By: Absolute Team | 6/3/2013

Darren Williams, who heads up the vision and strategic direction of Absolute's Service Management division, recently launched a blog on Computerworld: People, Process and IT. In his second blog post, "5 ways IT can improve customer satisfaction," Darren offers some simple tips on how to improve customer service. At the foundation of his advice is first understanding what your customers want and how they want it before investing in technology.

The top 5 customer satisfaction tips that Darren outlines include:

  1. Know your customer
  2. Knowledge management
  3. Do-it-yourself intelligence
  4. Crystal clear service level agreements
  5. Risk mitigation via CMDB

Put together, these tips can help IT provide "an effective IT service solution [which] will allow the business to define and deliver the exact level of service desired to all customers."

Read the full explanation of Darren's Customer Satisfaction Tips here and subscribe to his new blog for more People, Process and IT insights.

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