Top 10 Riskiest Cities for Cybercrime

By: Absolute Team | 3/29/2010

Symantec just released a list of the Top 10 Riskiest Online Cities, a report which looks at which cities are the most vulnerable to cybercrime. The rankings were determined by looking at data on cyberattacks and potential malware infections as well as third-party information about online behavior in these areas.

“With more people than ever relying on the Internet to stay in touch, shop and pay their bills, feeling confident and secure in our information-driven world is vital,” said Marian Merritt, Norton Internet Safety Advocate. “This study highlights the cities most at risk of cybercrime and reminds individuals, families and businesses across the country of the hazards they face each time they go online. We’re here to educate consumers about how to protect themselves and ideally never fall victim to cybercrime.”

The number of, and prevalent use of, wireless internet / wifi hotspots is a lead indicator of risk in many of these cities. Be sure to read up on wireless risks and alternatives to wireless before accessing any public wireless networks!

The 10 riskiest cities in the US are:

  1. Seattle
  2. Boston
  3. Washington, DC
  4. San Francisco
  5. Raleigh, NC
  6. Atlanta
  7. Minneapolis
  8. Denver
  9. Austin, Texas
  10. Portland, Ore.

The 10 riskiest cities in Canada are:

  1. Burlington
  2. Port Coquitlam
  3. Langley
  4. Vancouver
  5. Calgary
  6. Oakville
  7. Markham
  8. Toronto
  9. Kelowna
  10. Kitchener

Via Vancouver Sun

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