Too Many Organizations are Falling Behind in Data Protection

By: Arieanna Schweber | 7/6/2016

Is your organization behind the curve on data protection? According to a new survey, 38% of organizations are slow starters when it comes to their data protection strategy. In particular, the survey reported that the most unprotected area was emerging technologies.

EMC’s Data Protection Index surveyed 2200 IT decisions makers across 18 countries. They looked at how their data protection strategies fared in terms of maturity. As are result, the top three challenges to data security included:

  • Internal or external data breaches, including a rising threat to backup data
  • Corrupted or unprotected data in the cloud
  • An inability to keep up with new technologies and threats

According to the survey, 29% of organizations suffered data loss in the past 12 months with an average cost of $914,000. Most businesses (82%) also thought that their current data protection solution would make it hard to meet future business challenges. A previous survey has indicated that as much as 45% of data is held on the endpoint, and this data is often unprotected by even the most basic security policies. The same holds true of the cloud. This survey further revealed that 47% of IT decision makers believe not all their data stored in the cloud is protected.

Data Protection Doesn't Stand Still

"Our customers are facing a rapidly evolving data protection landscape on a number of fronts, whether it’s to protect modern cloud computing environments or to shield against devastating cyber attacks. Our research shows that many businesses are unaware of the potential impact and are failing to plan for them, which is a threat in itself,” notes David Goulden, Chief Executive Officer of EMC.

We know from many studies that one of the primary drivers for cloud use is mobility. The ability to work from any device, anywhere, at any time is important to employees. It stands to reason that a data-centric approach to data security would then enable mobility. At Absolute, we can help you discover where your data resides. The new Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD) toolkit in Absolute DDS can help you monitor and protect sensitive data on the move. Identify insider threats and respond quickly to security incidents. With remote tools, you can also protect your data and prevent a security incident from becoming a data breach. Learn more at

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