SANS Security Awareness Tip of the Day Links

By: Absolute Team | 3/10/2010

The SANS Institute has put together a great blog featuring a security awareness tip of the day. The tips are brief and to-the-point, so a great easy format to read each day.

Some of the tips are ones I would highlight in individual posts, but I figured it's best just to send you on over there to also add it to your RSS feed. Some of my favorite posts from their recent coverage are:

  • A password should be used by only one person
  • Avoid default installations
  • Email isn't the only online communication that has security risks
  • Use Google's cached mode to avoid spyware
  • Take time to explore security settings

Not all the posts have a lot of information but, if they make you think, they are a good jumping point for you to continue your research.

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