Theft Recovery Uncovers Additional Crimes

By: Absolute Team | 3/8/2012

Crimecatchers 14

Absolute Software has now helped recover over 23,700 laptops in 89 countries. Once a computer is reported stolen to Absolute Software, the next time it connects to the internet, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team will launch an investigation, forensically mining the computer using a variety of procedures, including key captures, registry and file scanning, geolocation, and other investigative techniques to determine who has the computer and what they’re doing with it. Co-operating with local law enforcement agencies, we recover thousands of laptops that call into our monitoring centre every year.

In the process of recovering stolen devices, we've also helped solve many other crimes, from other stolen property to a home invasion suspect to a child pornography suspect and more.

As highlighted by the SGVTribute, our tracking software recently led police to a suspect charge with possessing an assault rifle and two loaded 30-round magazines a revolver with the serial numbers scratched off and six iPhones. Sheriff's Detective David Gaisford noted:

"The use of tracking software for one crime, led to the solving of multiple crimes.

My partner and I have recovered several laptops over the last year alone through laptop tracking. They often lead us to property stolen in other crimes."

As a consumer or enterprise users, you may not be considering the potential benefit our software has to others in solving crime. However, by solving these crimes, we're often able to take repeat offenders off the street or prevent other serious crimes from occurring.


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