Theft of Devices Moves to K-12 Schools

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 5/20/2016

Almost every school district in the US now has laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. Digital learning is an integral part of the curriculum. With devices now woven into the core of our current teaching methods and curriculum, the loss of a personal or school device can have a huge impact. These thefts are happening right now in schools, and K-12 schools are one of the top places laptops are stolen. Think about it: they are often stored all together, which creates a huge target for thieves. In fact, property crime is even more prevalent within schools than bullying. Thefts are also happening outside of schools, with teens and youth more than twice as likely to be victims of device theft. Schools with known 1-to-1 programs are even more likely to be targeted by thieves.

Data Security and Personal Safety Risks for K-12 Schools

More than 87% of parents feel concern that their child’s electronic records are at risk due to hacking or data theft. More recently, this issue has been amplified further by the use of cloud services in schools. Altogether, this has left many parents and school administrators concerned about data security.

Steve Lasky outlines the challenges of securing devices in K-12 school districts in his article, Theft of Mobile Devices Moves into the Classroom. He notes that our solutions here at Absolute have been created to specifically address the data security and personal safety risks for K-12 schoolsAbsolute DDS for Education, paired with our complementary Absolute Safe Schools program, provides you with a persistent connection to all of your endpoints and the data they contain.  Our education customers can deliver a digital learning experience while promoting a safer school environment and securing their IT assets. For widely dispersed school districts with tight budgets, this hands-off ability to maintain a connection to devices is an important capability.

How We Keep Students Safe

Our Safe Schools program focuses on the Protection and Deterrence components, providing education and awareness to students and the community. Ward Clapham shares how student safety is a priority for our education customers, and for us here at Absolute:

“In working with our education customers, it’s clear that accountability extends beyond the management of hardware and devices. Parents and the community at large want assurances that students understand the responsibilities and risks associated with carrying a mobile learning device. Absolute works closely with our education customers, law enforcement, and the community so everyone can be involved in the creation and implementation of these safeguards.”

Learn more about how Absolute DDS for Education can help your school district protect your students and your digital investments.

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