The Secrets of ITSM Implementations

By: Absolute Team | 2/18/2014

In my latest post on my Computerworld blog, People, Process and IT, I talk about the "Secrets of IT service management implementation: The Big Bang Theory." This is my first post in a 3 part series on implementing effective ITSM across an entire organization.

According to the Big Bang theory, the Universe expanded from a dense state, expanding rapidly then more slowly, over time creating subatomic particles, atoms, stars and galaxies. How does this apply to ITSM implementation?

Well, think of your initial implementation as the Big Bang, then further process rollouts as the continued expansion of ITSM. If you try to rollout all processes at once, you're likely to stakeholders who will resist the standardization of their workflows or hit other stumbling blocks. This is especially true in smaller organizations, which lack the formal processes that larger organizations may have in place already.

In my article, I talk about a phased approach to ITSM, which helps preserve the enthusiasm for the changes. Internal champions and evangelists help push the ITSM implementation to its completion, but the first step is to understand that ITSM is a journey, not a destination. ITSM is a continuous improvement process that never ends because the business is constantly changing. As the needs of the business change, so will the design and key performance indicators (KPI’s) of the business processes used to support it.

There are several ways to gradually roll out ITSM, though many organizations find that an iterative rollout, starting with one department, can help champion the effectiveness of ITSM throughout the organization. When one department sees efficiencies improve and user satisfaction go up, other departments will be keen to seek out processes that could benefit from automation. Just don't implement them all at once - remember the Big Bang Theory!

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