The Mobile Security Knowledge Gap

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 10/8/2014

IT security has been abuzz lately with surveys and statistics and insights on the weak points in mobile security as it affects overall organizational data security. Although not all organizations are taking enough proactive steps to manage and secure mobile devices, the red flag in endpoint data security is often the employees themselves.

According to our own findings23% of employees believe that data is security is “not their responsibility,” so they should not be held accountable if they leak or lose company data. More than half of these employees place a value of less than $500 on the corporate data on their phone, when the reality is that lost corporate data could cost millions of dollars in fines, lost revenue and breach notification costs.

CrowdControlHQ recently put together an infographic on Mobile Security which summarizes the issues in mobile security, from cybercrime to mobile apps to BYOD and working on the go. The latter two sections really drive home the issues with employees and mobile security.

According to the research cited, 64% of employees who use unsecured wireless networks say they have “little to no concern” about using them. These employees are either unaware of, or do not care, about the risks wifi hotspots pose to data security. Of course, device loss and theft is another mobile security issue that organizations must face, one that is made more complicated by BYOD devices. The research cited indicates that 55% of organizations do not have guidelines in place for employees’ mobile device use, which means they are also unlikely to know if corporate data is a) at risk, b) compromised in any way.

Although data breaches have been on the rise in the past few years, very few of those have been attributed to mobile devices. We posit that this is not because mobile devices are not a source of data breaches, but rather that organizations are completely unaware that these breaches have occurred. It’s only a matter of time before a major data breach is tied to a mobile device.

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