The Laws of Vulnerabilities

By: Absolute Team | 5/14/2009

Qualys recently published a new report on the Laws of Vulnerabilities 2.0. The report reveals the vulnerability half-life, prevalence, persistence and exploitation for 5 industry segments. The report found that different industries are patching their systems at different speeds.

The report is based on an analysis of 680 million vulnerabilities, from 80 million scans, which resulted in 11% of those vulnerabilities being listed as "critical." The service industry patches their system the fastest, with a half-life of 21 days (meaning 50% of all systems were patched in the first 21 days after a fix is released); Manufacturing ranked lowest at 51 days.

The 2008 data was compared against the same study done in 2003, revealing an average half-time for patching of 29.5 days, only a half a day faster than in 2003. While companies are not speeding up their patching practices, attackers are speeding up their exploits. 80% of vulnerability exploits are now available within single digit days after the vulnerability's public release.

Check out the full Laws findings here

Also check out this interview with FBI Special Agent J. Keith Mularski, who spent 2 years posing as a cybercriminal as part of an undercover operation. Very interesting read.

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