The Latest ITAK

By: Absolute Team | 8/6/2010

The International Association of IT Asset Managers recently released their latest publication covering topics related to compliance & legislation.

The cover story of the publication is how to write a good Request for Proposal for the selection and acquisition of enterprise IT asset management systems. Other topics include Copyright, Non-Compliance and an article: "Incorporating Laptops Into ITAM Practices - Info-Tech Research Group and Absolute Software Examine How ITAM Chalks Up."

Here is the brief about our ITAM article:

The increase in mobile computing in the workplace is not a new revelation. Chances are notebooks make up about half of your current computer fleet. Another safe bet – this number is growing, as mobile computers inch their way to a dominant spot in the professional PC market. Yet as we watch this figure climb, one can’t help but wonder: how are ITAM systems keeping up? Where have they managed to adapt to this mobile environment, and where are they falling flat?

The publication can be downloaded for free here.

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