The CGYCA Tracks Laptops and Protects Data with Geofencing

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 5/23/2014

The CGYCA is an evidence-based, voluntary, 17-month program designed to provide opportunities to 16-18 year old adolescents who have dropped out of school, but demonstrate potential for success. Run by the District of Columbia National Guard, the ChalleNGe experience has transformed the lives of more than 121,000 youth.

The CGYCA opened in July 2013, with an aim to provide all its youth with computers to complete classroom work and exams and to take the now paperless GED examination. The group of 176 cadets were spread out over a 29.7 acre campus, and it was obvious that a way was needed to both protect the laptops and keep track of them.

After doing some research, The CGYCA chose Absolute to protect their laptops and the sensitive data they contain. We worked closely with them to maximize their use of our features, including our geotechnology. When you build a geofence, you can receive an alert if a device strays, allowing you to quickly react to devices that may be at risk.

Just knowing Absolute is on the job has helped prevent “wandering” of devices, as shared in the case study. It only took one cadet “testing” the system to quickly spread the word. We’ve seen the same reduction in thefts and loss with many clients, as soon as words get around that the devices are under our “protection."

To find out how the CGYCA uses Absolute to protect sensitive data, prevent theft, and track devices via our geofencing capabilities, check out the case study here.

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