The 5 Truths of Enterprise Data Protection

By: Absolute Team | 9/20/2009

PGP has released a new business guide entitled "Five Truths About Enterprise Data Protection" which talks about how to secure all your data devices - your laptops, USB drives, remote logins, phones and more. The five "truths" are basic statements about data and business, skewed towards the security offerings at PGP, including:

  1. Business data is everywhere - and it's on the move
  2. Exposed data carries high costs & consequences
  3. Only encryption can secure all your data, wherever it is
  4. An enterprise-wide data encryption strategy reduces the risk of data breaches
  5. Enterprise data protection liberates your business

As we've said before, encryption is only one piece of the data security puzzle and is not the only solution to all your security needs. For example, Absolute Software's Computrace Complete can provide additional security in the form of IT Asset Management & Data & Device Security, such as tracking and remotely wiping missing devices. A comprehensive security policy will do a risk assessment and decide on which security tools are important to your corporate needs.

My favorite section in the brochure deals with the 5th Truth, and how a comprehensive security system will enable a business to protect all its data, all the time, wherever it is stored and however it travels. You can get the guide here.

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