TechLaw10 Podcast Discusses the Evolution of Technology

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 5/1/2013

Techlaw10The TechLaw10 Podcast is a 10-minute audio podcast on technology law issues hosted by Duane Morris partners Jonathan Armstrong and Eric Sinrod. Each of the dozens of podcasts features a discussion of how technology intersects with the law in topics such as cybercrime, social media ethics, mobile concerns and more.

In the most popular episode, Episode 64 of the TechLaw10 Podcast: "Jubilee Special: How the World of Technology Has Changed Since 1952", Jonathan and Eric discuss how much technology has impacted our world since Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne (recently celebrating the Diamond Jubilee). Can you believe the first photocopier was invented in 1952? That computers took up entire rooms? It's hard to imagine a time without mobile devices, laptops and the modern devices businesses have come to rely on.

A lot of the challenges business face these days involve technology that wasn't in existence just 60 years ago. As discussed in the podcast, the use of technology in business has changed the type of legal issues that companies face. Rapid information creation can lead to mistakes, which the permanence of information can pinpoint and lead to legal issues. There is a great discussion of the vast amount of electronic records saved, which digs up more damning issues that can be used as facts in legal issues.

Even in the year since the original broadcast of this podcast, so much has changed in the business / technology / law landscape. What were some of the biggest changes you saw in technology in the past year?

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