TechLaw10 Discusses Mobile Devices & Privacy

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 6/12/2013

Techlaw10The TechLaw10 Podcast is a 10-minute audio podcast on technology law issues hosted by Duane Morris partners Jonathan Armstrong and Eric Sinrod. Each of the dozens of podcasts features a discussion of how technology intersects with the law in topics such as cybercrime, social media ethics, mobile concerns and more.

In 72nd episode of the podcast series, "Privacy for Mobile Devices?," some interesting privacy issues are being discussed. Using an example where a person is given a push notification when in proximity to a cafe, the podcast discusses the possible privacy and legal implications involved.

When it comes to privacy, there are many laws that need to be considered from cookie regulations currently being considered, data protection laws on identified and identifiable data, and the provisions in the EU regulations.

Although the discussion considers laws within the UK, the discussion brings up an interesting point on how the use of personal devices for work, BYOD, is impacting data protection laws, which were previously device-specific laws. With devices being used for both personal and corporate data, the laws will need to evolve.

Check out the full series of podcasts on their website or subscribe on iTunes.

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