Tablets Users at Higher Risk of Identity Fraud

By: Absolute Team | 5/7/2013

According to the Javelin Security 2013 Identity Fraud Report, tablet users are 80% more likely to be victims of identity fraud than all consumers. We already discussed the result of this report indicating that 1 in 4 data breach notifications are leading to fraud (so pay attention when you get one!), but the report also indicates that 9.6% of tablet users are likely to be identity fraud victims vs 5.3% of all consumers.

According to the report, cybercriminals are targeting software vulnerabilities in tablets as well as using malware, phishing and unsecured WiFi connections to steal sensitive information.

As discussed in this analysis by PrirvateWifi, tablets don't yet offer the same security features as laptops:

"Over half of tablet users in the United States say tablets are their favorite devices, according to Adobe data. But what users don’t understand is that, while tablets can do more than smartphones – making them a better choice for laptop replacement – they’re not any more secure than smartphones. Yet a 2011 Harris Interactive survey revealed that nearly one out of every two tablet users transmits sensitive information – including credit card, personal, financial, and proprietary business information."

Further complicating the problem, only 5% of tablets and smartphones have any security software installed. Given that tablet owners are, on the whole, more affluent and often spend more when shopping online, tablets have become a hot target for cybercriminals.

Here's the basics to beef up your tablet security:

  1. Stay off public WiFi
  2. Use the same basic security tips we recommend for laptops
  3. Use strong passwords
  4. Have the most up-to-date operating system
  5. Install anti-virus, firewall and anti-malware security applications
  6. Follow basic app security practices
  7. Use mobile theft management software such as Absolute Data Protect to secure your tablets and the data on them with our lock / delete functions
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