Tablet Thefts Impact Educational Initiatives

By: Absolute Team | 7/3/2014

Two major tablet theft cases caught our attention this week. In the UK, thieves stole £37,000 worth of student iPads from storage and in the US, a former tech staffer turned herself in for the theft of 47 iPad Minis purchased for low-income students from district headquarters last year. In both cases, devices were stolen from storage areas.

Such large scale thefts can have a drastic impact on students and teachers alike. Even when devices are covered by insurance, claims can take months to resolve, leaving students without devices and teachers with a need to revise lesson plans or not meet goals set out under new digital curriculum plans. When thieves are successful with such thefts, what is in place to solve future attrition of devices?

To combat device theft in the k-12 environment, a more comprehensive program is needed. Educators need to take an active role in preventing device theft with more secure on-site storage facilities as well as additional safety precautions to protect students and the devices they are bringing to school, which make them a target for thieves.

Learn the role that educators can play in preventing mobile theft in k-12 and read up on some additional ways to target harden classrooms from device theft. The real solution to minimize future theft is to create an environment that deters thieves, using devices protected with recovery software so that thieves know they’re not going to get away with their crimes. The Safe Schools program was designed to prove this kind of support, through technology and awareness efforts.

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