Suquamish Tribe Protects Government Devices with Absolute Manage

By: Absolute Team | 2/13/2013

Dan Tynan recently wrote an article for FedTech Magazine about the Suquamish Tribe in Washington State and how it uses Absolute Software to keep tabs on its mobile devices. The tribe has a state-of-the-art casino and more than 800 computing devices among 300 government employees. Prior to working with Absolute Software, the tribe had no way to track tablets or devices that were lost or stolen. It took an incident to spur the tribe to rectify this security oversight.

After an iPad was stolen from an unlocked car, the Suquamish Tribe had the "wake-up call" they needed to look into a mobile device management solution. Having worked with Absolute Software for many years to protect their laptop computers with Computrace, the Suquamish Tribe was one of the first customers for our then newly-released Absolute Manage for Mobile Devices.

Tom Bettenhausen, IT Director for the Suquamish Tribe, notes:

"The geolocation service built into ­Absolute Manage comes in very handy for tracking lost and stolen devices. It also allows us to remotely manage the devices, deploy apps or content to them, or wipe them clean if necessary."

The remainder of the article talks about the status of mobile devices in the government sector: statistics on use, security risks, and challenges. The article ends with 4 steps you can take as a government agency to implement a mobile device management program with ease.

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