Supporting Anytime, Anywhere Learning with Remote Security

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 1/18/2016

The National Education Technology 2016 Plan, Future Ready Learning: Reimagining the Role of Technology in Education, sets forth a vision for the integrated use of technology in the classroom in the US. The document outlines 21 recommendations for policymakers, administrators, teachers and educational professionals to not only create greater equity of access to technology but also a 5-year roadmap on how technology could improve the classroom.

The central message of the plan is to make “everywhere, all-the-time learning possible.” Research suggests that mobile technology has a substantial presence in schools already and will continue to grow over the next few years. More importantly, there has been an important shift in the role of technology in the classroom, becoming less a tool of pedagogy and more a means to facilitate inquiry and project-based learning. Experts predict that before 2020, probably sooner, every student in the US from K-12 will be using a mobile computing device, 24/7.

The new Plan outlines the importance of creating Responsible Use Policies (RUP) which focus on device and student safety. These plans focus more on cyber etiquette and safe use of devices, but do not offer schools or students information on the physical security of devices and its importance.

What is clear from this new Plan and supporting research is the key role that technology will play in the current and future classroom. The loss of a device, for even a day, could have a major impact on both students and teachers in the new learning environment. Kids and teens are a growing target for mobile theft, with schools the top place that laptops are stolen. Schools with known 1-to-1 programs are being targeted by thieves, meaning now that nearly all schools will be a top target for device theft.

With the achievement of “everywhere, all-the-time learning” on the horizon, educators have a responsibility to ensure that kids have a safe environment for using devices at school and that devices remain protected off school property. Absolute DDS for Education, paired with our Safe Schools Program, can help safeguard your technology investment and protect your students.

Absolute offers you the insight you need to assess risk scenarios with school devices and apply remote security measures so you can protect each endpoint. To promote a safe school environment for students and faculty, the Absolute Safe Schools program will help you educate users about device safety, teaching students and staff how to avoid scenarios where they may be at risk. For many schools, theft is an inevitable scenario. In these instances the Absolute Investigations team is at your service, working with local law enforcement to recover the device, saving you time and money. 

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