Success in Data Loss Prevention

By: Absolute Team | 7/4/2013

InformationWeek recently put together a Report outlining "10 Key Steps to Success in Data Loss Prevention," a list that helps companies of all sizes approach DLP in a manageable way. The document outlines some of the strategies in choosing the DLP modules you want to deploy and in carefully assessing the impact a DLP system could have on the organization.

Topics discussed in the report include:

  • Setting up success factors
  • DLP design
  • Deployment considerations
  • Testing
  • Setting security policies
  • Understanding DLP
  • Implementing endpoint protection
  • Reviewing DLP reports
  • Setting up security incident response plans

Endpoint Protection as Part of DLP

Absolute Computrace allows organizations to persistently track and secure all of their endpoints, providing  foundational support for all activities related to Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) for the endpoint. Analysts agree that the top data breaches are due to device loss/theft or misuse by insiders. These data breaches, and other non-compliance events, severely impact a company’s operations. By using Absolute Computrace, up to 80% of these breach scenarios can be mitigated, and regulations met.

Does your organization currently use a DLP system?

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