Stats Behind Our 20,000 Recoveries

By: Absolute Team | 6/29/2011

As you know from our big announcement on Monday, we achieved the milestone of our 20,000th recovery. Not just that, but surpassed it, now over 20,055 recoveries - and rising each day!

Ever wonder what our recovery breakdown looks like? Here's an infographic of our first 20,000 recoveries:


As you can see, our recoveries spanned 79 countries! Our team of 6 forensics experts and 40 recovery investigators worked with an astonishing network of 6262 law enforcement agencies to make these recoveries possible. It's this solid network of individuals that takes the information from our software to recover stolen devices and help lay charges against responsible individuals. In 2010 alone, 475 known criminal charges were filed as the result of our investigations.

Theft Locations:

  • 25% K-12
  • 24% Home
  • 15% Car
  • 13% Unknown (redacted, not reported)
  • 10% Hotels, Stores, Transit, Cafes
  • 7% Office
  • 6% Higher Education

Our 2009 and 2010 recoveries alone have recovered over $12 million in lost devices, saving unknown sums that could have resulted from lost information on those devices. Whether recovered our not, we have also helped protect lost data with our remote wipe function. Our persistent technology has successfully performed over 8,500 remote data deletions to secure the privacy of lost data. You can read more facts on our recoveries here.

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