St. Joseph Home Care Network Confident of HIPAA Compliance with Absolute DDS

By: Arieanna Schweber | 10/31/2016

St. Joseph Home Care Network offers specialized services for in-home care delivered by multidisciplinary caregivers in home health, hospice, private duty and infusion pharmacy.

With over 500 employees, St. Joseph’s was an early adopter of electronic medical records (EMR), accessing and inputting data to patient files on tablet devices while in the field. With these tablets carrying sensitive patient data, HIPAA compliance was a major concern. Absolute DDS has made St. Joseph Home Care Network confident that the security and integrity of data on these devices is maintained at all times.

“Endpoint security without Absolute is a scary thought. Our compliance officer has complete peace-of-mind knowing we can maintain a connection with each device.” - Mark Willenbring, Business Analyst at St. Joseph Home Care Network

How Absolute DDS Delivers Peace of Mind for HIPAA Compliance

As outlined in our latest case study, St. Joseph’s selected Absolute DDS so they could maintain a reliable connection to their fleet of devices, allowing them to protect sensitive patient data, even if a device is off the network.

“Connectivity is the main reason we first activated Absolute DDS,” said Mark Willenbring, Business Analyst at St. Joseph Home Care Network.“We can run quick reports to determine who has the device, the device location, the tablet ID, and the model number. From this information, we can understand whether a device is at risk and remotely delete the patient data if required.”

Absolute DDS provides peace of mind to St. Joseph’s thanks to our detailed auditing & reporting capabilities and Persistence technology, which provides a reliable two-way connection to remotely delete data that may be at risk. Absolute DDS is a strong security layer on its own, but also provides valuable insight into the health of other security layers installed on the device. We have recently expanded on this service with Application Persistence.

Read the full case study to learn how St. Joseph Home Care Network uses Absolute DDS to remotely delete data before it can be breached, prove HIPAA compliance and run automated audits collecting detailed data from each device.

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