Southern Kern Unified School District Partners with Absolute for 1:1 Program

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 6/24/2014

Absolute Software today announced that the Southern Kern Unified School District has selected Absolute Software for their 1:1 laptop program. Using the Absolute Safe Schools program, the district will be able to provide a secure learning environment and safer campus for students and employees, all while safeguarding their investment in 1,300 laptops.

Absolute Safe Schools is an integrated program that works in conjunction with Absolute Computrace. Overseen by the Absolute Investigations team, Absolute Safe Schools can help keep students, staff, and school environments safe. All students and staff will complete the Absolute Safe Schools program where they will learn how to avoid becoming easy targets for criminals as well as best practices for the care and security of their laptops.

As shared in our press release, all laptops in the Southern Kern Unified School District 1:1 program for grade 6-8 students are now protected by Computrace and Absolute persistence technology.  If the Computrace agent is removed (accidentally or on purpose) it will simply reinstall. And if a laptop is stolen, the Absolute Investigations team will work with local law enforcement to get the device back. 

The Lenovo ThinkPad laptops were chosen by the district because they are designed for students, allowing teachers and students to access a variety of applications including digital textbooks, online research, video tutorials, simulations and adaptive math and reading practice. This “anytime, anywhere” learning has already helped student motivation, notes Dan Wexler, Director of Technology at Southern Kern Unified School District.

Parents, students and teachers have all been excited about the new digital curriculum. Given that kids and teens are a growing target for device theft, which increasingly involves violence, and that K-12 schools are the top place laptops are stolen, Southern Kern Unified School District has taken positive steps to protecting the safety of their students and community while also protecting their investment in their Lenovo laptops.

Learn more about how Southern Kern Unified School District has secured their laptop investment and protected students.

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