Software Waste is Expensive

By: Absolute Team | 10/10/2014

Adrian Bridgwater wrote a very shrewd article on inefficiencies in IT that often lead to a “waste market” in under-utilized servers and software. Most Software Is Wasted, Get Used To It looks at how organizations are spending funds on ‘solutions’ that are being under-utilized, whether it’s surfers or desktops or software.

Research shows that as much as 75% of enterprise software goes unused. As mobility shifts us toward more device types and form factors, the ability to keep track of the number and type of apps purchased and installed is hard work. And if IT is unable to keep track of what is installed, then data is at risk, in addition to the skyrocketing costs.

At Absolute Software, we believe that you can reclaim cost efficiencies by better managing your users. With Absolute Manage’s Application & License Management, you can collect data and track applications and licenses by device. Intelligently managing licenses and having real-time data gives you the insight needed to avoid over-install penalties and reduce expenditures where not needed. For example, you can create User Groups to only assign software where it’s needed, greatly reducing software costs.

Most Absolute Manage customers come to us with a ‘problem’ to fix, be it managing a fleet of devices, manning BYOD, or automating updates and patches. Most customers are pleasantly surprising to find that Absolute Manage saves both time and money through the creation of a more efficient IT system as well as real cost savings from better use of software. Best of all, this all happens from one single console.

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