Smartphones are an ITAM Headache

By: Absolute Team | 5/6/2010

A discussion at Interop about wireless and mobile technology revealed that smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming a headache in terms of IT management.

While computers may be company-issued, smartphones are often employee-purchased. That leaves companies with multiple types of phones / operating systems all expecting access to email and corporate applications. Aside from just making this possible, IT departments must also make it secure. Policies and technologies need to be put in place to handle this change in employee workflow.

"Suddenly, you've got six mobile platforms out there and you're going to have to decide what you're going to support," Miller said.

Giving everyone email is relatively easy, but customers are expecting access to all kinds of enterprise applications.

The mobile technology market is shifting quickly and it's no longer possible (or practical) for companies to support only one device. A survey of the attendees revealed that mobile device management was the biggest mobile concern (42% considering it the top worry). You can continue reading the article at Network World and if you're concerned about tracking your mobile devices, consider Computrace Mobile to help!

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