Smartphone Security Software Lacking

By: Absolute Team | 1/6/2012

According to a new survey for the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and McAfee, found that mobile phone users have a false sense of security for their devices. For example, 75% of those surveyed in the US have never installed data protection applications or security software of any kind on their smartphones.

Consumers continue to use their smartphones more frequently, which should come as no surprise, with 75% of smartphone users saying they connect to the Internet more frequently this year than last. People do everything on their phones, from personal banking (more than 32.5 million Americans in 2011 Q2) to business transactions.

There is currently a false sense of security among consumers about their smartphones. 70% of smartphone owners say they feel their device is safe from hackers, malware and other types of cybercrime. As we know from all the security predictions for 2012, consumers may be rudely awakened by more frequent and sophisticated mobile attacks.

Security on consumers, however, is quite lacking. Here are some startling insights from this survey and others cited therein:

  • 24% of consumers store computer or banking passwords on their mobile devices
  • More than half of smartphone users do not use any password protection to prevent unauthorized device access
  • Only 26% of smartphone owners said they always read the developer policy on the use of personal information when downloading an app

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Hat tip to Infosecurity

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