Smarter is Stronger, Faster and Better Projects

By: Absolute Team | 6/9/2011

Karen June (KJ) Kuipers, Manager of the Absolute Learning Academy, has put together a guest post for the blog about training programs.

Training allows your organization to identify and build stronger project teams, including processes and job competencies, while maintaining and expanding competitive advantage. Every project manager wants to finish a project successfully, exceeding all expectations. Including training and skill development in the project planning phase can aid in consistently delivering successful projects.

Project Team Competencies

In order to secure successful projects, one must have a powerful and effective team. In our example, training will give the project team skills to build high-performance security and asset management processes for the project duration. Any skill and knowledge gaps can result in costly time and money lost due to security breach, missing assets or data. When it comes to security and asset management, training and discovery tools are required. The team needs to fully understand and leverage these automated tools for notification of security risks and potential asset management issues before they occur and impact project results. A mix of ongoing education and on the job experience is needed to get and keep everyone meeting and exceeding project timelines. Highly training project teams is the first step, and the only direction for project success.

Project Team Assets

Develop a training plan that will prepare your project team. Include the skills they will need to manage and secure the project assets for the duration of the project. Project team members leverage more mobile devices (phones, tablets, notebooks and laptops) to track, communicate and record project activities, more today than ever before. You must ensure these assets are secured and managed throughout the project cycle, or you will be putting your project at risk.

Training Plan

Add training to your next project plan and address any new skills required to meet and secure your deliverables.

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