Small Businesses Deny Security Threats

By: Absolute Team | 12/8/2010

The National Cyber Security Alliance has conducted a new study with Visa to study small business’ cyber security practices and attitudes, polling nearly 1000 small businesses. The results show that small businesses don't consider cyber security as much of a risk as they should.

Interesting results from the survey:

  • 85% believe they are less of a cybercrime target than large companies
  • 54% believe they are more prepared to secure sensitive customer and corporate data than large businesses
  • 36% have run a criminal background check on employees that handle payment data
  • 43% are confident that their business is protected against data thieves
  • 53% of all small business owners believe the high cost in time and money to fully secure their business is not justified by the threat.
  • 47% say their employees do not receive any security training
  • 43% have a plan in place to respond to the loss of customer data
  • 84% agree that they have the policies and procedures in place for keeping data and computer systems secure

This report is in line with a similar study in 2008 which showed that small businesses were in denial about security. AVG also released a small business survey this month [PDF] showing that one in seven small businesses polled in the U.S. and the U.K. have no Internet security software or system in place at all.

A company of any size can benefit from security preparedness. If you want to better prepare your company for data security threats, see how we can help!

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