Simplifying the Complex IT Environment

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 6/26/2014

A recent survey of 250 UK CIOs and IT leaders found that close to half of respondents are plagued by regular IT performance and availability issues. The survey, conducted by Vanson Bourne for ControlCircle,  found that the largest organizations were the least likely to believe they achieve “best effort” in quality of service. One of the reasons cited for service irregularities is the increasingly complex IT environment.

Some of the complexities in the IT environment that organizations are struggling with include security, cloud services and compliance. 65% of respondents say security is their biggest challenge and, similarly, 34% say compliance is their biggest challenge. Looking forward for the next 5 years, the picture changes and 41% of organizations believe that mobility will become one of the biggest challenges in IT.

Organizations are facing complexities introduced by a hybrid environment of both corporate and personal devices as well as corporate and personal cloud services. Many organizations are struggling to keep control over their data, or in monitoring their environment in real time.

Streamlining IT, such as with Absolute Unified IT services, and leveraging MSPs as a trusted IT resource can give organizations the boost they need to improve security, mobility, and compliance worries. Increased visibility and accountability can simplify the job for IT and ultimately improve service and efficiency.

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