Security Predictions for 2011

By: Absolute Team | 12/17/2010

As 2010 wraps up, it's time for security professionals to start speculating on what will be the hot topic issues of 2011. Rather than write up each piece, I thought we could take a look at what various writers are predicting.

Tony Bradley, PCWorld, sees these as the top risks for 2011:

  • Precision Attacks
  • Ripped from the Headlines - Social Networking Attacks
  • Beware the Web & Port 80 Attacks
  • Low-Hanging Fruit - Mobile Device Attacks from Applications / Networks
  • Mobile Computing

Kevin Haley of Symantec predicts:

  • Critical Infrastructure Will Come Increasingly Under Attack and Service Providers Will Respond, but Governments Will Be Slow to React
  • Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Will Become More Common as Highly Targeted Threats Increase in Frequency and Impact
  • The Exponential Adoption of Smart Mobile Devices that Blur the Line Between Business and Personal Use Will Drive New IT Security Models
  • Regulatory Compliance Will Drive Adoption of Encryption Technologies More than Data Breach Mitigation
  • A New Frontier in Politically Motivated Attacks Will Emerge

Imperva predicts:

  • Convergence of Data Security and Privacy Regulation Worldwide
  • Cyber Security Becomes a Business Process
  • Hackers Feeling the Heat
  • Mobile Devices Compromise Data Security
  • Data Security Goes to the Cloud
  • File Security Takes Center Stage
  • Misanthropes and Anti-socials: Privacy vs. Security in Social Networks
  • Man in the Browser Attacks Will Man Up
  • The Insider Threat - it's much much more, than you had imagined
  • Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Meets Industrialization

Do you have predictions for 2011?

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