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Security Posture Dashboards in Absolute DDS: A Deeper Look

November 29, 2016

As part of the November 2016 release of Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS), we released new Security Posture Reports and a convenient Security Dashboard. With instant access to the health status of critical security layers and aggregate assessments of your entire security stack, you can take firm control of your security posture.

Absolute DDS Provides Visibility into Multi-Layered Security

In today’s constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape, no one security layer alone is sufficient to protect an organization, secure its devices, and safeguard its data. The attack surface is just too vast and the attack vectors are too numerous. Rather, a multi-layered security approach is the best strategy to prevent, assess, and respond to emerging threats.

In such an environment, monitoring and managing your security posture is critical to protecting your organization from a number of security threats. It also has the potential to be overlooked. Often, there are simply not enough resources, not enough cycles, and not enough urgency to keep up with this important exercise.

Absolute DDS offers a Security Dashboard to make proactively monitoring your multi-layered security approach easy. With Absolute DDS, you can determine the status of complementary security applications such as SCCM, encryption, and anti-malware applications. With this visibility, you can take a proactive approach to reducing potential blind spots and can identify and respond to risks early.

Our rich visual dashboards further enhance your ability to assess your security posture. Data is displayed in a convenient security dashboard that visualizes security posture with respect to each security application.

Absolute DDS natively generates predefined status reports for each security application, but can also display this comprehensive data in a Security Dashboard to help you visualize your security posture with respect to each security application. No longer is it necessary to jump from application console to application console or from device to device to ensure security.

Start every day with a picture of your security posture. Start your day with Absolute DDS. 

Learn more about the Security Dashboard available with Absolute DDS Pro and Premium editions here. Start your free evaluation version of Absolute DDS today.

Absolute DDS Endpoint Security

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