Security is Top Business Goal in Healthcare

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 11/28/2016

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) recently asked 100 CIOs about their perspectives on communications in healthcare, from business goals to technology changes to security. The survey revealed that strengthening data security is the top goal of 81% of healthcare organizations, ahead of increasing patient satisfaction (70%) and physician satisfaction (65%).

Healthcare breaches up 30% in 2016

Given the continued rise in data breaches affecting the healthcare sector, up 30% in 2016 over the 2015 figures, these findings are unsurprising. The new survey reveals how these overarching business goals are complex individually, an “interconnected web of technology, human experience, infrastructure, and workflow processes,” but that together have the potential to clash. When it comes to investment decisions, for example, IT leaders report needing to balance the needs of clinicians / the organization, ease-of-use, and improved team coordination or workflow, which may or may not clash with security requirements.

Earlier this year, a report sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth College and the University of Southern California found that clinicians are likely to bypass security protocols in order to improve their workflow, with “clinician focus on patient care, not cybersecurity.” One of the challenges for healthcare organizations, given this information, is finding technology solutions that improve these business goals without creating unnecessary security hindrance or without obvious loopholes that would encourage these workarounds.

With the OCR stepping up enforcement, and the FTC’s recent assertion of its independent authority over HIPAA-covered entities, it’s important to adopt a layered approach to data security. Absolute DDS is a key part of your defense-in-depth security strategy that relies on multiple technologies to protect against a range of potential threats. Alert data generated by Absolute DDS, which scans device, application and data attributes for anomalies, can be used to gain visibility into emerging threats and Insider Threats, allowing you to proactively respond to and remediate security incidents before they escalate.

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