Security is a Top Mobile Concern with CIOs

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 9/8/2014

Security fears among business leaders are on the rise. We’ve seen many articles about large data breaches and the rise in hacking and malware. There is the perception of “things getting worse” and that it’s harder than ever to “keep up.” In some cases this results in organizations taking on many overlapping and sometimes inefficient security solutions. In other cases it leads to a paralysis of action. For example, we shared the speculation that 20% of current BYOD programs are estimated to fail in the next two years because the security standards are too strict.

The Lopez Research Enterprise Mobility Benchmark shows that 76% of CIOs and other business leaders consider security their top mobile concern, with that percentage jumping over previous quarters. The research indicates that security fears are leading to immobilization, where organizations are not rolling out mobile deployments because of security fears.

It is true that there is more risk than ever before. Malware, cloud computing, mobile devices, BYOD… these all present risks to corporate data. As we’ve discussed, you can still embrace BYOD and the benefits of mobility programs in general as long as you roll out an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution that can handle the mix of device ownership, device type and operating systems introduced.

As Maribel Lopez shared in her own research report, “The reality is you can never walk into your Board of Directors or executive management and definitively say that your company is completely secure. New threats arise daily and business must continue to operate and leverage new technologies, such as mobile and cloud. BYOD isn’t going away, and mobility is the new computing infrastructure."

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