Securing Your Digital Investments in K-12

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 3/16/2016

Digital Learning Day for 2016 just passed, and with it came a wealth of insight on EdTech about the key issues and challenges surrounding digital learning. The focus of this year was on Digital Equity, the concept that every student in every school and community should have access to technology. The need for digital equity extends outside the school, where support for home internet access and technology will further narrow the current digital divide. As this article outlines, the limitations that come with unequal digital access extend far into later life.

Digital Learning Day explored the implementation plans for the National Education Technology Plan for 2016 and the Every Student Succeeds Act, looking at the full circle of requirements required to extend Digital Equity to all students, as outlined in the graphic below.


Although infrastructure is a key discussion at the National level, at the school level, the issues are different. As Thomas Murray, Advocacy Director for the Alliance for Excellent Education, noted on EdTech Magazine, “school leaders have more opportunities than ever before, but more on their plates at the same time.” The digital conversion requires change at all levels, from budget and curriculum planning to technical issues such as connectivity, privacy and security. Schools must not only consider the safety and privacy of students with data security practices, but also with physical safeguards.

Students carrying devices to and from school are prime targets for theft, putting their physical security at risk. Schools also become a target for thieves, who know they can steal many devices in one go. With digital learning becoming mainstream, a lost or stolen device can have a significant impact on student learning and teaching outcomes.

At Absolute, we want to support the digital conversion and help protect district investment in technologies aimed to narrow the digital divide. Absolute DDS for Education not only helps secure your technology investment, but also helps protect your students. Persistence technology, embedded in the core of devices at the factory, provides a reliable two-way connection so Education organizations can confidently manage mobility, investigate potential threats, and maintain the safety of students that use these devices. When a device is stolen, the Absolute Investigations team works with law enforcement to help recover the device.

Absolute recovery services are often combined with Absolute Safe Schools, a free program delivered by Absolute investigators that works with students, staff, and the community to create a safer school environment. Learn more about how we can help you provide a safe learning environment here.

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